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Somersby Apple - apple cider 4.5%, 20x33cl. can

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- Cider, 4.5% vol.

- 24x33cl. canned cider

- Taste of sun-ripened apples and fresh sour aftertaste 

- Enjoy the same with your friends 

- Best enjoyed at 10-12 C. 

- Serve over ice cream 

Apple cider has been brewed in England since time immemorial. And that proud tradition is the starting point for the development of Somersby Apple Cider. However, we have adapted our cider to the Danish taste. In the aroma you experience a scent of lovely sun-ripened summer apples, and the taste ends with a pleasant acidity. Somersby Apple Cider is very refreshing, especially when enjoyed ice cold and over ice.

Somersby cider is more than a cider. Perfect for sharing with friends, family or casual acquaintances. The delicious Somersby apple cider was first bottled during an incredible apple harvest in Denmark in the summer of 2008 and has since developed into a delightful selection of fruity flavors.

What makes our cider so special is the crisp and refreshing taste that results from our careful and tireless attention to taste and detail.

PS: Somersby - not SOMMERSBY. That's okay, because no matter how you spell it, the taste is the same! 

Somersby Apple - apple cider 4.5%, 20x33cl. can
  • €14,95